Gerald Jones MazdaGerald Jones Mazda is here to give you the best deals you can find on Factory OEM Mazda Parts. Gerald Jones Mazda is excited to offer discounted prices for your Mazda parts including: MazdaSpeed Parts, OEM parts, and Mazda Assessories. These parts will boost your Mazda's performance as well as enhance its apperance. 

     The Gerald Jones pledge:
     We promise to offer comparable prices and the excellent service that you have come to expect from Gerald Jones Mazda.


     Why should I buy OEM parts instead of Aftermarket parts?  

  •    The OEM part will work exactly the way the car was intended for the replaced part to function. 
  •    OEM parts are built specifically for your car where as aftermarket parts are not tuned specifically for your car. 
  •    OEM parts will not void any warranties on your car whereas, some aftermarket parts will. 


     What are your online store hours? 

  •    Store hours for the online website are Monday-Friday 9 a.m-6 p.m. EST. 


     Can we place an order through the phone?

  •    No you CANNOT place an order through the phone
  •    We use paypal for security purposes that is why we are unable to allow orders to be placed through the phone


     Do you ship bumpers, quarter panels, sheet metal, transmissions or engines?

  •    No we do not ship oversized collision parts, tranmissions or engines


     When will my order be processed? 

  •     Order will generally be processed within 2 business days
  •      Orders that include parts that are in stock will take a shorter time than orders that require us to order parts from our warehouse in Atlanta
  •      We CANNOT direct ship from our warehouse in Atlanta

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